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Dec 26, 2012








Ultimate Concours Detail


Paintwork undergoes a 2-3 Stages of Machine Cut & Polishing. This package restores paint-work to a finish that is beyond show-room. Evident Swirl-Marks and heavy spiderwebbing on clear coat is gently removed by way of clear-coat levelling. Paint-Work is measured by a Electronic Paint Depth Gauge to ensure sufficient clear-coat levels. We guarantee we are only removing enough levels of clear-coat without burning the paint-work or leaving “Holograms.” We here at The Ultimate Detailer do not use “Fillers” or “Masking” agents in this package as we provide a permanent fix to your paint-work. This Package also offers the extensive interior detail which nothing is spared. Call Car Detailing Melbourne Now.

  • High pressure rinse followed by a Foam gun lance to Pre-soak exterior to loosen grime/contaminants
  • remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips
  • Car is hand washed with pH neutral shampoo including door jambs, wheel guards & engine bay
  • Wheels/rims are cleaned with a pH neutral shampoo
  • Chamois dry & 100% cotton deep towel finish
  • Exterior is decontaminated by a claybar which will leave the surface feeling as smooth as glass.
  • Exterior undergoes 2-3 stages of machine cut & polish to level out defects from heavy holograms, heavy swirl marks, clear coat scratches, marring, dulling to restore a show-room mirror finish
  • Vacuum full interior including boot & all compartments
  • Detailing of gauges, vents, gear console including pedals, visors and pillars
  • Carpets and upholstery pre-spotted then treated to a gentle shampoo
  • Optional***** Leather cleaned, conditioned & fed
  • Cracks, crevices &hard to reach areas are cleaned with a air-steam gun
  • Interior, rubber seals & plastics are cleaned, prepped & rejuvenated
  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are cleaned, conditioned & rejuvenated
  • Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors are cleaned
  • Add Protective Coating *****
Small hatch back/small sports*****
Medium hatch back/small sedan/regular sports 
large sedan/sports/compact SUV/4WD
Large SUV/4WD 



Online Enquiry for more information or simply call 0405 662 881



Online Enquiry for more information or simply call 0405 662 881


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