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Maintenance Detailing Melbourne 

2 Bucket sytem, with double foam lancing, and minimal touching of paintwork, ensuring to scratching or scuffing of paintwork

  • High pressure rinse followed by a Foam gun lance to Pre-soak exterior too loosen grime/contaminants
  • remove bug & tar spots, clean exhaust tips
  • Car is hand washed including door jambs, wheel guards
  • Wheels/rims are cleaned with a pH neutral shampoo
  • Chamois dry & 100% cotton deep towel finish
  • Interior vacuum seats, carpets and rear boot (includes all mats)
  • Interior Compress Steam Gun Blow-Out (Reaching areas a normal Vac would not)
  • Interior, rubber seals & plastics are cleaned, prepped & rejuvenated
  • Interior & exterior glass, vanity mirrors are cleaned
  • Premium Coating Optional*****
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Small hatch back/small sports from $140.00
Medium hatch back/small sedan/regular sports from $150.00
large sedan/sports/compact SUV/4WD from $160.00
Large SUV/4WD from $170.00

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   * All Photos are taken by the Detailer (click on images to enlarge) More pictures see Portfolio.


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