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TESLA Melbourne

Jun 1, 2020

TESLA 3 Performance Edition

Tesla Melbourne. What would you achieve if you had continuous IR LAMPS on at a efficient & Safe temperature that wouldn’t over heat, or evaporate the coating application? And also, constantly coating the paintwork under low temperature Emitting short wave frequency?

With over a decade of experience, we go through extensive steps ensuring paintwork is flawless, glossified, before we layer paintwork with sacrificial layers of Paint Protection, as we finish the specified panel, we then increase the temperature up to optimum level to ensure curing, bonding and maximum coating is applied before we move onto the next area of the car.

Here is a Brand new TESLA 3 Performance edition under the IR LAMPS with Pomponazzi, the one and only, original ceramic quartz, since 2002. Wheels were coated with our signature POMPONAZZI TU Coating.

We followed through with coating the glass, lights, plastics. Internals went through our complimentary clean and coating on leather seats by HD/3D Car Care Range.

Quartz Ceramic Coating Protective
-Long Durable Permanent Gloss
-Added Sacrificial Layer
-UV and Etching Protection
-Bird Acid Resistance
-Weather Elements
-High Chemical Resistance
-Surface slickness improves swirl resistance or light scratches
-Improves maintenance with hydrophobic properties
-Glass coating protects against water etching
-Rim Coating is heat resistant and has hydrophobic properties.

For any Paint Protection Coatings, PPF – Clear film stonechip protection, colour change wraps or wheels/glass ceramic coatings

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