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Jan 9, 2011








Mercedes C63 AMG Brabus Paint Correction

– Quartz Ceramic Coating









This Mercedes 2008 model C63 AMG tuned by Brabus, went through a extensive Paint Correction. With a tough Ceramic Clear Coat, it was measured properly to ensure safe amounts of clear coat were only levelled down. A 3 stage 24 step wash was to ensure a good wash was carried through all areas of the exterior.

Swissvax imported brushes cleaned all Badged Emblems of oxidation, followed by a Iron X Decontamination clean. Wheels were also thoroughly cleaned with extension brushes reaching into the deep wheel wells that are usually hard to reach with the normal hand wash.

A extensive Clay-bar rid ferrous particles that have bonded to the exterior. After this stage, it was really evident that the paintwork had the normal levels of swirl marks, caused by poor washing techniques.

In this detail, total hours spent was roughly 22 Hours spread over 3 Days. These are the selected pictures chosen from over 200 clicks during the detail process with a Canon SLR. I couldn’t put them all up, but alot of footage on the video shows evident details of the “detail” and process i went through to gain such a final result. This Detail was a bespoke detail that consists of the “Ultimate Concours Paint Correction Detail” found in the Paint Correction Page. Not only did it receive a Ceramic Quartz 9H coating, but 2 coats were applied. In short, Quartz ceramic Coating is a “sacrificial layer” that is roughly 2 microns in thickness, and is chemical resistant, hydrophobic, and is a scratch resistant coating.  Minor touches from plastic rejuvenation, windows sealed with a glass sealant, light interior detail and a Rim Wax was applied to the exterior surface of the “Brabus” Wheels. Car Detailing Melbourne – 0405662881




Pre-Wash & Decontamination Process


Evident Scuff Marks & Swirl Marks



Wheels are washed with a PH+neutral Shampoo, followed by Iron X de-contamination


mercedes car detail

mercedes car detail

Before – Slight swirl marks & scratches on front bumper


mercedes car detail IMG_8897

After – Extensive Polish to refine clear coat of any slight swirl marks or light scratches (Flawless – Metallic Colour Starts to Jewell)


IMG_8907 IMG_8909

Before – Swirl Marks on Bonnet


IMG_8916 mercedes car detail

After – Flawless Finish on Bonnet


IMG_8926 mercedes car detail


Before – Driver Side Lower Wheel Arch – Evident signs of Swirl marks/light scratches


IMG_8943 IMG_8944 IMG_8942


Before – Evident Swirls & Scratches on Rear Wing


IMG_8958 IMG_8957 IMG_8956


After – Rear Wing After Polishing (Correction Complete)




After – Rear Boot After Polishing (Correction Complete)


Before – rear Boot


Before – rear Boot


Before – rear Boot


Before – rear Boot

IMG_8985 IMG_8986 IMG_8987 IMG_8988 IMG_8989


After – rear Boot


Before – Passenger side Rear door


After – Passenger side Rear door


After – Passenger side Rear door


Before – Pillar with Swirl marks or Light scratches


After – Pillars are rid of light scratches


IPA Fluid is Used during polishing to ensure all swirl marks are eliminated and that no oils from polishes are masking any potential swirl marks.

IPA fluid is also used so that way the clear coat is fully clean so any coatings used e.g Opticoat 9H, can properly bond to the clear coat and nothing else on top.










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