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Feb 8, 2014

Mercedes CLA AMG45 White 

Full Ceramic Quartz Coat

Brand New Mercedes CLA -45 AMG was delivered in a satisfactory level. Few Watermarks and occasional Light swirl marks. Generally, it just needed a once over to prep the surface and paintwork right. Enjoy the Highlight shots taken during the detail. Please enjoy the Video.

Unlike traditional coatings, which are typically concocted from polymer resins, a car ceramic coating is silicon dioxide or silica (SiO2) based. Commonly derived from quartz crystals and sand, silica creates an invisible “nanotechnology coating,” which when combined with elements like titanium dioxide, polysilazane, triethanolamine, water, and various other ingredients, becomes quite resilient. Once cured, this viscous liquid turns into a crystal-clear shell, a product that is commonly referred to as a nano ceramic coating, or ceramic coating for short.

Multi machine stage polishing with non silicone based polishes to level clear coat out from minor defects and to then amplify gloss levels.
To then, Coat paintwork with top shelf coatings, like Pomponazzi, Worlds Number 1, Original Ceramic Quartz Coating.

Topping it off by treating those intricate spoked rims/wheels with a spray coating that’s heat resistant and super easy to keep clean and they assist by staying cleaner, longer. Ceramic Quartz Coating sprayed by Gravity fed air gun, allows a thicker, more durable coat then previous methods of wiping coatings on.

We then followed through with a internal detail, and also protected the internal and external plastics and rubbers.

Quartz Ceramic Coating Protective
-Long Durable Permanent Gloss
-Added Sacrificial Layer
-UV and Etching Protection
-Bird Acid Resistance
-Weather Elements
-High Chemical Resistance
-Surface slickness improves swirl resistance or light scratches
-Improves maintenance with hydrophobic properties
-Glass coating protects against water etching
-Rim Coating is heat resistant and has hydrophobic properties.

For any Paint Protection Coatings, PPF – Clear film stonechip protection, colour change wraps or wheels/glass ceramic coatings
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IMG_3072 IMG_3071 IMG_3069 IMG_3068

General 3 Stage wash, to thoroughly prep and cleanse the surface of any manufacturer glaze and wax, at the same time, remove as much contaminant as possible.De-contamination by way of clay bar, wheels were also cleaned thoroughly, many shots were not taken as it was a hot day, and the detail was done by myself, and i was more focused on getting the job done. FInally the AMG was air-dried down, and dried down using soft micro fibre-towels. Paintwork then also was treated to a IPA wipedown, to again, rid any manufacturer glaze or wax.

IMG_3075 IMG_3104 IMG_3095 IMG_3089 IMG_3085 IMG_3081 IMG_3077

After the wash down and decontamination, Lights were also set up to illuminate bodywork to rid slight swirl marks, watermarks, but very little, as stated before, the car was delivered in a satisfactory level. Preparation is Vital, and after all the major steps were carried out, Opticoat was then applied to the full surface of the body, including all bodywork, front & rear lights, plastics, and chrome work.

IMG_3113 IMG_3115


Side mirrors, and exterior surface of wheels were coated. Wheels were coated twice and in between stages, a heat gun heated first layer. 

IMG_3125 IMG_3131 IMG_3130 IMG_3128 IMG_3127 IMG_3132

Interior was also treated to a Protection. All surfaces including Dashboard, door jambs, seats, fabrics & carpets were all treated and protected.

IMG_3048 IMG_3058 IMG_3054 IMG_3052

Conclusion, a CLA -45 AMG fully coated & Protected….

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