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Overspray/Fallout Removal Services 

What is Overspray

Over spray is caused due to air born paint particles during a painting project. This problem is very common on construction sites.

Cars parked near the painting project are then covered with a fine coating of paint particles usually carried through wind covering cars up to one kilometer away.

There are many different types of paint, which can bond to the cars and can’t be removed easily.

Industrial fallout

Industrial fallout can come in many different forms; one of the most common forms is metal particles or dust. Fine metal particles become air born similar to overspray paint and settle onto cars.

Once the metal particles settle they can then rust through moisture, which causes them to bond to the car. Removing the rusted metal particles can be a difficult process depending on the type of metals.

Concrete Splatter Removal

A very common problem around construction sites is Concrete splatter. Concrete being poured can create large amounts of splatter which can travel in heavy winds or travel off the sides of high rise buildings during construction.

If the concrete is not removed from an effected surface it will cure within 30 minutes which causes it to bond. Many people have attempted to remove the concrete splatter themselves and caused more serious damage to their vehicle.

We at The Ultimate Detailer are fully experienced at removing concrete from most surfaces. We have removed concrete splatter from building, glass, Automobiles and many more types of surfaces.

We can do all works onsite and we work together with the construction company easing any tensions between them and the car owner it may be causing. In the case of an insurance claim we can help with the processing since we work together with most major insurance companies.

We have found over the 100’s of vehicle we have worked on that not only do we remove the concrete splatter safely the vehicle looks better then it has in years this is because we always detail the exterior afterwards.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is another form of Industrial fallout. Pollutants traveling in the atmosphere can mix with rain, which settles on the car. After the chemical settles on the car it can cause staining on the cars duco and glass.

Removing these stains generally wont come off with a standard cleaning procedure, this type of problem needs professional attention.

Our Process

We have developed a unique overspray removal process that no other company provides.  

  The overspray paint removal process involves: 

  1. Our clients can be assured that all products used are tested over many years of experience in overspray removal.
  2. Only the best equipment used to repair your vehicle from any type of overspray damage.
  3. Personal service with The Ultimate Detailer
  4. A pre works examination is carried out.
  5. We always encourage a complete examination of the vehicle with the owner pre works so that all technical details are clearly explained. 
  6. Repair, removal, and restoration  so that no further weather damage occurs during our cleaning process.
  7. Before we attempt to remove any of the overspray or fallout we wash the vehicle with high quality ph neutral shampoo. We make sure the surface is 100% clean from dirt and pollutants. 
  8. Depending on the type of  damage, we will use only non abrasive cleaning procedures supplied by only the best suppliers.
  9. After we have completed the the process of removing all overspray or fallout we will glaze and hand polish the vehicle, in many cases the vehicle will look better then it ever has.
  10. If there is any pre existing fallout on the vehicle we will also remove it and we check for any issues that may be repaired during the process.
  11. The products we use are high quality and  many are imported from Around the World.
  12. We only use products that are safe and non damaging to car parts like plastics and mouldings
  13. All materials used have been properly tested for safety.

Graffiti & Decal Removal

From time to time, the annoyance of vandalism and graffiti can plague communities costing us money and time. We provide an efficient and effectively method that ensures graffiti can be removed without damaging paint or clear coats.

We are the market leader in Graffiti Removal with over 25 years of experience As the first dedicated graffiti removal company in Australia specializing in removing graffiti from automobiles we understand all there is to know, and can remove more than the other companies. 

Graffiti is common on trains, buildings, Signs but also it may happen to someone car. The most common cause is someone has a enemy or it may just be straight out vandalism without any reason.

 All jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best removal method so your property remains undamaged in the process. All work is conducted to Quality standards.

 Our methods are fully approved by all authorities. We love the environment and have successfully performed graffiti from hundreds of cars and trucks. 

You are protected by a $20 million Public Liability Policy  A full Risk Assessment is conducted on all jobs to ensure your property is cleaned safely and properly. No Shortcuts! Our specially designed, purpose built Mobile fully equipped vans are tailor-made to ensure we can safely remove graffiti and stains that others can’t.

 Cutting-edge proprietary cleaning solutions and extensive Research and Development mean that we can remove graffiti without damaging your car. Experience counts in this field. Don’t make a costly mistake!

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