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Audi SQ7 PPF & Coat

AUDI SQ7, in for premium detailing. Paintwork correction, amplifying levels of gloss and finishing paintwork with clarity. Topped with Dual Ceramic Quartz Coating. Rims received a Sprayable heat resistant coating with ease of maintenance. and glass coating for the External glass.

Front half was wrapped in clear film by STEK DYNOSHIELD Premium, warranted with a 10 year warranty.

Engine bay went through extensive gentle high pressure rinsing, drying and then powered high temperature steam cleaning to really agitate oils and grease and embedded particles In crevices of the engine bay.

We also rejuvenated the plastics and polished surrounding paintwork areas under the hood, and used mon silicone rejuvenation products to ensure a longer lasting durable finish.

Leathers and internal carpet, again, extensive cleaning, throughly through the seats, carpets, driver side pedals, door jambs were meticulously machine polished, door rubber seals and plastics were also cleaned and rejuvenated.

External glass was machine polished to ensure, light water marks were gone, so that high levels of shine matched the flawless paintwork we achieved by multi level machine polsihing.

Paintwork Coating with required IR LAMPS to accelerate curing, Wheels Coated with a Sprayable Heat Resistant, Super hydrophobic Coating and to finish, Interior protected with SWISSVAX leather/vinyl protection.

Quartz Ceramic Protective Advantages: -Long Durable Permanent Gloss
-Added Sacrificial Layer
-UV and Etching Protection
-Bird Acid Resistance
-Weather Elements
-High Chemical Resistance
-Surface slickness improves swirl resistance or light scratches
-Improves maintenance with hydrophobic properties
-Glass coating protects against water etching
-Rim Coating is heat resistant and has hydrophobic properties.

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