Car Detailing Melbourne

STI PPF & Ceramic Coating

STI PPF STEK & Gtechniq Ceramic Coating.

Subaru WRX STI – in for premium detailing, paintwork MACHINE polishing, concentrating on the machine grey paint colour finish. Even though many assume cars can be “Brand New,” they sometimes come delivered with unwanted water spotting,

light scratches and superficial surface swirl marks or “light cob-webbing.” Pillars especially, are prone to be swirled and scratched before delivering to customers from dealership.

We carried out a full preparation in multi step wash method and de-contamination to rid manufacturer glaze, revealing its true condition of the paintwork. Followed by a air-drying.

We then went through a Multi stage machine polish and correction to not only rid defects but to also amplify the gloss, & clarity levels. 

Coated with our signature Dual Ceramic Quartz Coating, and frontal areas like the Bumper, Bonnet, Headlights, guards and side mirrors protected with PPF (Paint Protection Film)
Unit 6/1 Rushdale Street, KNOXFIELD