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Nov 16, 2016

Porsche Paint Protection Film

Porsche Cayman GT4 – Front End Paint Protective Film

What do you call a Cayman that handles superior to a 911? A GT4. The 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 is a hard auto to clarify, for the most part in light of the fact that the consistent Cayman, Cayman S and GTS are as of now a portion of the best taking care of autos for the cash.

To consider the contrast between, well, any Cayman and the GT4 resembles contrasting your secondary school smash with Jennifer Lawrence: you’d be content with either, yet… you know what I mean?

Automakers use nano ceramic coating for its superior heat, abrasion, chemical, H20, and impact resistance, making it the ideal protective sealant for almost any car component. From a car’s wheel hubs and undercarriage, to its engine bay and interior, this transparent ceramic spray coating is virtually everywhere.

That said, automakers typically don’t apply a ceramic protective layer to a vehicle’s paint, leaving ample room for product specialists like AvalonKing to step forward.

A ceramic paint coating not only offers rock-hard paint protection, but a hydrophobic/water-repellent properties as well. This transparent layer of armor resists UV rays, repels road grime, and prevents scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and swirl marks from eating into your car’s paintwork. When properly applied and cared for, this semi-permanent ceramic shield will last for years, requiring little more than a quick rinse when dirtied. 

Around the quick paced and energetic track that is Philip Island, we experienced the whole Cayman extend, winding up in a $189,900 GT4 at the very end to discover exactly how great the most recent auto from Porsche’s motorsport division is.

Fueled by the now superseded yet at the same time massive Carrera S 3.8-liter six-chamber motor (with various enlistment complex and injectors) that produces 283kW of force and 420Nm of torque, the GT4 can do 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds.

In a further 10.1 seconds, it will hit 200km/h.

The auto is the main street going mid-engined auto from Porsche to wear a GT motorsport identification.

That is truly saying something, and it’s a lift of certainty for how far the second-era Cayman has come since the first hit the market in 2006.

The GT4 is accessible with a six-speed manual gearbox just and, while it’s around 0.1 of a moment slower to 100km/h than the Carrera S, it’s nearly in an alternate association with regards to mechanical hold.

While Porsche is resolved that it’s not only an accumulation of arbitrary bits stuck together, the GT4 positively imparts a sensible number of parts to the saint GT3 auto, for example, a lot of the front end as far as suspension and brakes, and additionally the directing and ABS frameworks.

This is superb news, in light of the fact that the GT3 is an astonishing machine. Regardless, there’s something else entirely to the Cayman GT4 that is special to itself than there isn’t.

Its manual-just accessibility absolutely hasn’t hindered any purchasers either, of which there are as of now more than 140 in Australia (approximately 50 percent more than the present Australian distribution).

When we were contacted about protecting the track-ready Porsche Cayman GT4, we didn’t hesitate to jump in and help him find decent film Installation. After all, wrapping this beautiful car with CLEARSHIELD PRO(TM) self-healing paint protection film was a pleasure mile. The coverage areas included a full front end (full hood, full fenders, front bumper, and mirrors), rocker panels and custom wing coverage. Dan is now ready to hit the road and the track. 

Quartz Ceramic Coating Protective
-Long Durable Permanent Gloss
-Added Sacrificial Layer
-UV and Etching Protection
-Bird Acid Resistance
-Weather Elements
-High Chemical Resistance
-Surface slickness improves swirl resistance or light scratches
-Improves maintenance with hydrophobic properties
-Glass coating protects against water etching
-Rim Coating is heat resistant and has hydrophobic properties.

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