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Apr 18, 2014







F-Type Detail 

F-Type Jaguar Full Correction & Opticoat 9H Pro



The Ultimate Detailer – Car Detailing Melbourne reports this 364 kW 5.0 V8 is especially effective. A bigger supercharger bolsters the motor to convey a surprising pinnacle torque of 625Nm from only 2,500rpm. Increasing speed is quick and dynamic, reaction is prompt and unsurprising. Shower guided direct infusion conveys exactly measured amounts of fuel specifically into the focal point of the ignition chambers at weights of up to 150bar for cleaner, more productive burning. The Intelligent Stop/Start framework can enhance mileage by up to 5 percent by turning off the motor when the vehicle grinds to a halt, we were charmed to have this in our Car Detailing Melbourne Portfolio.

  • Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds 
  • Top Speed: 300km/h 
  • CO2 Emissions: 259g/km

Out Comes the Rupes Polishing system Prior to Coating

It comes to us screamming for attention, as its dealership delivers a poor delivery, with swirl marks and scratches evident all over the exterior paintwork, it was in need of some Ultimate Attention. Massive wash down on the exterior surface, clay bar treatment especially on the rear end, as the exhaust pipes flog out massive tar spots that are now embedded on the rear bumpers.

Scratch and swirl marks are all evident as the car is blown dry, and we can now officially see how bad the Jaguar was delivered. Masked off specified areas, lighting and tripods set up, and out comes my trolley and a range of polishes, pads and machines are ready to get to work. 

Spread over a period of 2 days, the Jaguar received a full Correction to the Paintwork, light wet sanding to some deeper scratches, and polishing for some 12 hours over 2 days had the paintwork come up perfectly and jewellin” to some massive perfection levels.

The Jaguar was then inspected and wash down again, and a IPA fluid was then applied to the exterior to ensure the clear coat was rid of any oils and residue from the polishing.

Opticoat 9H Pro was applied to the exterior surface & wheels which was done on the 2nd day. Watch the Video, as it shows photo by photo of the whole treatment. Interior was also coated, carpets were coated with a scotch guarding system, and leathers were coated, but without harming or changing the texture or feel to its beautiful finish.

Im over & out, enjoy this Video.





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 (Click on Pictures for full Album on Jaguar F-Type)

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