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Jan 2, 2015

Mercedes CLA AMG45

Composite Ceramic Coating AMG CLA45

Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes CLA – AMG45 Detail:

– High Pressure Rinse

– 3 stage wash with ph neutral shampoo & foam cannon plus 

– Wheels thoroughly washed with Ph Neutral Citrus Degreasers

– Swissvax Brushes agitating dirt around badges and intricate areas

– Claybar Extensive action on exterior surface of car including glass

– Grit Guard Bucket wash down with swirl safe wash mitts

– High Pressure rinse and Air Dry Down/Terry Towel Patt and dry

– 6000/9000 Lumen LED lighting was turned on

– Now Revealing problems from water spotting/swirl marks from dealership

– 2 Stage Paint Correction was carried out, to also remove defects and also clarify

clear-coat and glossily paintwork

– IPA Wipedown

– Primer to Paintwork

– Dual layers of Ceramic Coating Applied applied to Bodywork and Wheels

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Products used in this detail : Polishangel, 3m, Rupes, Menzerna, Scholl,

Swissvax Brushes,

Citrus Based Cleaners, Pinnacle GritGuard Buckets, Ozito, Carpro, Zas

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