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The Ultimate Detailer has been offering Tornador Cleaning Tools including the Tornador Interior Cleaning Tool, Tornador Foam Gun and now the commercial grade Tornador BLACK Cleaning Tool. The Ultimate Detailer offers many various money saving Tornador Value Packages for all of our Tornador models. All Tornador Value Packages include various The Ultimate Detailer professional-grade auto detailing chemicals so you have the right products to use with your Tornadors.


New Tornador Black Z-020 – Liquid Cleaning Tool –  New & Approved

The original Tornador air/liquid cleaning tool is totally unique; it’s air driven oscillating tip and nozzle creates a tornado cleaning action that tackles some of the most challenging jobs. Save time and product costs. Clean dirty car interiors faster and better! Great for cleaning hard vinyl, plastic, storage pockets, nooks, crannies, consoles, dashboards, and other hard to reach areas of automotive interiors. The Tornador uses a unique pressurized air process to spray a mixture of water and soap (Detail King Interior Super Soap) onto a dirty surface. After wiping area with a towel or brushing area simply turn a lever to air purge and help dry the cleaned surfaces.

No more dipping your towel or brush into a bucket, and having to use an air gun to purge cracks and crevices or to dry the area. Soap, water and air are all combined into one tool for ease of operation! This is the slickest detailing tool we have seen in a long, long time!! We include step by step instructions that will insure quick and effective results. Air compressor is required for use of Tornador and compressor size will vary depending on end users needs. Be sure to order a packet of Tornador Turbo Cleaner or our Interior Super Soap which both come with Super Enzyme Concentrates. The quart is the best value and will provide 16 fill-ups. Tornador cleaning tool requires a minimum air pressure of 60 to 90 psi. constant, for optimum performance. Do not exceed 110 psi.


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