Car Detailing Melbourne


Oct 10, 2014

              Car Detailing Melbourne     The Ultimate Detailer is a Master Car Detailer recognised in Melbourne for his art and skill in the Auto – Car Detailing Art-form. Whether it is a Prestige, Classic, a High Performance Exotic,  Preparation is vital and The Ultimate Detailer takes pride in the methods involved for that...


Dec 26, 2012

              Ultimate Concours Detail   Paintwork undergoes a 2-3 Stages of Machine Cut & Polishing. This package restores paint-work to a finish that is beyond show-room. Evident Swirl-Marks and heavy spiderwebbing on clear coat is gently removed by way of clear-coat levelling. Paint-Work is measured by a...


Jun 29, 2011

            Defined Details   If you want to learn how to detail a car you’re in the right place. This page is the starting point and provides the basics on car cleaning and automotive finish care. Experienced Car Detailing Knowledge in Melbourne. Detailing your own car is not difficult, and many find it rewarding to do it...