Car Detailing Melbourne


Jan 2, 2015

Mercedes CLA AMG45 Composite Ceramic Coating AMG CLA45 Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes CLA – AMG45 Detail: – High Pressure Rinse – 3 stage wash with ph neutral shampoo & foam cannon plus  – Wheels thoroughly washed with Ph Neutral Citrus Degreasers – Swissvax Brushes agitating dirt around badges and intricate areas – Claybar...


Oct 10, 2014

              Car Detailing Melbourne     The Ultimate Detailer is a Master Car Detailer recognised in Melbourne for his art and skill in the Auto – Car Detailing Art-form. Whether it is a Prestige, Classic, a High Performance Exotic,  Preparation is vital and The Ultimate Detailer takes pride in the methods involved for that...